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A hell lot has changed since then – part II

– So, how much is the rent in such an apartment with two rooms ?


– Well, now, about 300 Euro. But it was higher last year, when prices were at peak.

– Man, this is so crazy. This block of flats is so ugly !

– Yes, most of them are like this. And to buy one it’s about 60000 E, or even more. Now. Last year, 100000 E.

– To live with the gypsies as neighbours. What is the inflation rate here in Romania, just as a personal curiosity ?

– Well, last year about 7%. A hell lot !

Discuție cu un neamț, in continuarea celei de aici. Zice ca prețurile la imobiliare in Berlin sunt mai mici decat in Bucuresti. Dar totusi, piața trebuie sa se deblocheze!


A hell lot has changed since then

– So were do you live in Germany ?

– In Berlin, in a medium neighbourhood…

– And what is the price of an apartment ? Let’s say a two room flat ?

– I have no idea , it depends… I have a rented place for me.

– Oh, nice. And how much is the rent there ?

– Well, now it went up, it is 370 Euro, but it was cheaper. I’m going to have a word with the landlord.

– You pay 370 Euro for a 2 room flat in a medium location in Berlin ??

– Yes. 50 square meters. Not city center, but not in the suburbs either.

– Well, here is about the same price…

– But how much is the medium income here in Romania ?

– Well, 350 Euros

– Ah…

– So, it’s first time here for you ?

– No, I’ve been here 20 years ago, when I was a teenager, and a hell lot has changed since then… for example a flat is 370 Euros per month

Cum ajungi bogat

Habar n-am. Dar stiu ca pentru inceput trebuie sa-ti propui asta. Trebuie sa te preocupi.

Texte gen „Cand om avea bani/ Daca as castiga si eu la loto/ Banii nu aduc fericirea” le rosteste oricine nu se preocupa. Toata lumea e preocupata de cum sa cheltuie. Ce noua masina sa mai etaleze, ce telefon ultimul tip sa isi mai accesorizeze. De cum sa produca, mai greu. Citește în continuare